What is the best time to travel to Turkey?

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The most favorable season to travel to Turkey is between early-April & late-October. During the low-seasontemperature is much cooler & snow is possible in mountainous areasMany visitors enjoy the spring & fall, with their mild weather & small crowds. Coastal regions are particularly popular during the summer. These include resort areas along the Aegean & Mediterranean coast with beaches & yachting facilities. The coastline, especially between Izmir & Antalya, features numerous coves & bays & many nearby ancient cities & is perfect for yachting. Turkey also enjoys many spectacular rivers. They are ideal for canoeing, skiing & rafting. Mountaineering is also popular in mountain ranges throughout Turkey in spring & summer. The high plateaus of the Eastern Black Sea Region are covered by colorful flowers & green pasture during spring & summer. Naturalists will enjoy the diversity of fauna & flora as well as the heart-stopping splendor of the surrounding landscape. Central & Eastern Turkey can receive large accumulations of snow & snow skiing is a favorite winter pastime. Turkey has several ski centers, which are generally open from December through April depending on snow conditions.