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Rental Cars in Turkey

One of the most suitable ways of traveling in Turkey is renting a car for your family. There are a lot of local companies in Turkey that offer rental car services with lower rates. But, if you are driving to further distances from where you rented, it is highly recommended to rent your car with a larger company with multiple offices in different parts of Turkey. If you have a problem with the car wherever you are located, the larger companies will be able to help you much more quickly and expertly.

That’s why; we work with larger companies and offer a lot of options. Below you can see the general guideline for different category cars:


TYPE OF CAR INSURANCE 1-4 Days 5-10 Days 10+ Days
Renault Clio, Hyundai Era – A/C – Gasoline, Manual or similar Covered
40 €
38 €
36 €
Hyundai i20, VW Polo, Peugeot 208- Diesel-Manuel or similar Covered
45 €
43 €
40 €
Hyundai i20, Peugeot 208- Automatic or similar Covered
45 €
43 €
40 €
Ford Focus, Renault Fluence – Gasoline – Manual or similar Covered
50 €
48 €
46 €
Ford Focus, Renault Fluence, VW Jetta- Diesel – Manual or similar Covered
53 €
50 €
48 €
Renault Fluence, Opel Astra – Gasoline – Automatic or similar Covered
53 €
50 €
48 €
Peugeot 508, VW Passat – Diesel, Automatic or similar Covered
75 €
72 €
70 €
Mercedes Vito, VW Caravella – Diesel- Manuel – 8 + 1 or similar Covered
90 €
85 €
80 €
Mercedes E180, CLA200, BMW 516i – Gasoline- Automatic Covered
125 €
120 €
115 €

The rates given above are in Euro and per day basis. It is possible to add GPS navigation system, baby seat and extra insurance (for tires and glasses) to your service.

Please send us an email to get detailed information and make your booking. We will reply your request the latest in 24 hours.