How should I dress in Turkey?

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Although Turkey is a secular nation, the predominant religion is Islam. In Cappadocia, the majority of locals dress more on the conservative side – especially in smaller villages, and non-touristic areas. If you will be visiting the open fruit & vegetable markets of Nevsehir, Avanos or Urgup, these markets are mostly non-tourist areas and conservative clothing is recommended. On the coastal areas of Turkey (Antalya, Side, Fethiye, etc) the locals have become more accustomed to tourist wearing beachwear. In Istanbul, as with most major European cities, many locals dress in modern city clothing. Cities such as Konya and anywhere in the Eastern areas of Turkey are still very much conservative in all aspects of daily life. Casual wear is appropriate for most tour excursions. Women wear pants or skirts, but when visiting mosques it is recommended that they cover their heads with a scarf & both sexes should not wear shorts out of respects for religious customs.