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Lentil Soup
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Sarma (Stuffed Vine Leaves)
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Turkish Coffee
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Pigeon Valley

Turkish Cooking Classes

Learn some Turkish Cuisine and feel at home


 has been the host of many civilisations such as Lycians and Hittites and lastly has been the host of Turks, who immigrated from Central Asia. The culture of nomadic Turks combined with the settled culture of Romans and blended with Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Balcans and the Aegean to make up today’s Turkish culture. Naturally this multi-cultured framework shapes life and art in Turkey.

Eating plays an important role in Turkish peoples’ lives. Especially dinner is a social occasion where all family members enjoy being together and have a chat. The oldest member starts the meal, others are to follow and so show their respect. Everybody must be considerate and respectful.

Dishes are generally cooked in liquid thereby eliminating the necessity to use sauces.Meat, grains and vegetables are cooked in the same pot, enhancing the flavour and taste of the dish, lid of the pot closed. Dolmas-stuffed vegetables have a great part in Turkish Cuisine. Vine leaves, peppers, eggplants, mackerel and mussel may be stuffed.

We have prepared 3 different cooking class options that might be interesting to do in Cappadocia: